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June, 2010

June 15, 2010  6:01 AM

Storage Decisions 2010: Storage Insecurities Ride On

Posted by: Kevin Beaver
Security, Storage in 2010, storage security

As TechTarget's Storage Decisions conference wrapped up today, I was perusing the conference site and noticed something peculiar about the sessions. There are sessions on backup. There are sessions on...

June 14, 2010  10:17 AM

IBM’s Storewize acquisition reports highlight storage squeeze

Posted by: Michael Morisy
IBM, Storage in 2010, Storewize

A short blurb in the Israeli daily Haaretz has the storage world talking: IBM is negotiating to acquire data storage startup Storewize for $140 million. Rather than offering storage solutions directly, Storewize...

June 14, 2010  6:00 AM

Cisco takes a spin at small business storage

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Cisco, SMB, Storage in 2010

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June 11, 2010  11:05 AM

Your Take on Tape Storage: Our Members Speak Up

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Storage in 2010

A week ago I asked in...

June 10, 2010  3:22 PM

TechEd 2010 North America: NOLA and Microsoft bring the party

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough

June 9, 2010  2:10 PM

No Time, No Budget, and No People? No Problem!

Posted by: Guest Author
API, Blockbuster, Guest Post, IT Business alignment, Keith Morrow

Feel stuck at a legacy company fighting smaller, nimbler competitors? Want to know how your IT shop is supposed to deliver the latest SaaS and cloud solutions when half your stores still run the original cloud software,

June 9, 2010  1:41 PM

Energy Star Handing Out Gold Stars

Posted by: MelanieYarbrough
Data Center, Green IT, Storage in 2010

As they say,...

June 9, 2010  7:00 AM

Moment of Truth: Storage and Business Risk

Posted by: Kevin Beaver
mobile security, Security, Storage in 2010, storage security

When you hear the word "storage," what typically comes to mind? Likely NAS, SANs, DAS, data centers and so on, right? Well, there's another component to storage that tends to get overlooked...at least in the context of oversight, security, and compliance. That is: mobile storage. From smartphones...

June 8, 2010  7:00 AM

Who needs storage security anyway?

Posted by: Kevin Beaver
Security, Storage in 2010, storage security

I'm in the middle of writing a whitepaper on data protection for CSOs, and it occurred to me just how often storage systems are overlooked in security testing. The typical security assessment involves servers, workstations, mobile devices, databases, Web applications, WiFi, and network...

June 7, 2010  4:06 PM

Apple iRuins networking even more with iOS, but Cisco doesn’t flinch

Posted by: Michael Morisy
Apple, Cisco, IOS, iPhone

It's a dark day for...

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