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August 9, 2012  4:08 PM

Book Review: Ubuntu Made Easy

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
2012, IT jobs, IT Professionals, job, job-hunting, job-seekers, knowledge, learn, training

Why would a blog about your IT career review a book about Ubuntu Linux? Because Linux knowledge is essential to any serious IT person who wants to do more than basic desktop...

January 16, 2012  1:43 PM

Beware of Employment Scams That Pop Up In Tough Times

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
419, advance fee, desperate, employees, FTC, job, job-hunting, judgment, Nigerian, resume, ripoffs, scam, tax prep, training, work-at-home

Here's a Reddit post: "Thanks for applying! Pay us to train you, and *maybe* we'll hire you!" This seems like an obvious scam to me. These people are offering to train...

May 30, 2011  2:13 PM

Get Your Basic Electronics or IT Training in the Military

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, electronics, Ft. Devens, Ft. Huachuca, grenade laucher, guns, IT, learn, Marines, military, military intelligence, Navy, service, training

Memorial Day is in some ways a strange time to talk about the military as a place to learn, because it's the day we celebrate people who died in service to our country. But this is important, because enlisting in any of our armed forces means you aren't signing up just to gain skills that can help...

May 16, 2011  1:18 PM

Flash is Still a Useful Development Tool, Says Software Training Expert

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
Adobe, Android, Apple, courseware, developers, Flash, HTML5, iPad, iPhone, IT, learn, Ledet, Skyfire, software, Sterling, Steve Jobs, Swifter, technical writing, training

Sterling Ledet, of training company Sterling Ledet & Associates, Inc., says that even if Steve Jobs doesn't like Flash, it's still a useful content delivery and Web development tool and you should keep up on the latest Flash developments. He also has some...

May 9, 2011  8:08 AM

“I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help You Find a Job in Health Care IT”

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
CalHIPSO, California, clinic, computers, doctors, education, employment, government, health, hiring, HIT, hospital, implementation, information, IT, jobs, technical support, technology, trainer, training, workforce

This may sound like a joke, but in this case it's not. California now has a state agency that helps people like you find jobs in the


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