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January 31, 2012  5:35 PM

Communicating With Users is Always Important

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
advance, calm, communicating, communication, conversation, facts, IT, people, pleasant, tension, understanding, users

Back in April, 2011, I wrote a column titled Improve Your People Skills for Fun and Profit. This is a topic that deserves revisiting, so let's do that today.

August 8, 2011  2:11 PM

Improve Your People Skills for Even More Fun and Profit

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
calm, comedian, communication, Dan Nainan, job, listening, non-techie, people skills, profit, tension, tune out

The title of my April 12, 2011 IT Ladder post was Improve Your People Skills for Fun and Profit. Today we have more of...


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