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June 20, 2011  5:47 PM

Instead of Silicon Valley, What About… Rochester?

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
Asterisk, Austin, Boston, Digium, entrepreneur, geography, Kodak, Lee Drake, New York, OS-Cubed, Rochester, Silicon Valley, start-up, VC, venture capital, Xerox

I know a guy, Lee Drake, who has an IT business in Rochester, New York, called OS-Cubed. He's also part of a chamber of commerce-type group that touts Rochester as a great place to start and run a...

June 13, 2011  5:45 PM

On Becoming a Renaissance Programmer

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
creative, entrepreneur, five senses, interacting, Internet, liberal arts, programmer, renaissance, salon, Silicon Valley, software, Sramana Mitra

Sramana Mitra, an entrepreneur and strategy consultant in Silicon Valley, says one of the best ways you can improve yourself as a programmer is to spend less time programming and more time learning about the arts and interacting with other people. ...


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