January 24, 2012  1:10 PM

What College Degree is Most Valuable?

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
Bachelors, career, college degree, Computer Science, education, EE, major, Masters, medical, petroleum engineering

This question can be answered in several ways. If you want the highest-earning job, Petroleum Engineering is for you. If you want to be in the fastest-growing field, think medical, especially a Master's that can qualify you to be a Physician's Assistant. Computer Science? Not as good as an EE but...

December 26, 2011  12:40 PM

Answering the Dreaded Salary Question

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
application, Bureau of Labor Statistics, dollars, education, expect, experience, glassdoor.com, Google search, pay, payscale.com, report, resume, salary, Salary.com, sales pitch

At some point in most employment applications, either paper or electronic, you will come to this question or one much like it: "What salary do you expect?" If you're like me, your answer may be, "Ten million dollars a month, paid in gold." Fine. Got a laugh. But seriously, folks, how should we...

May 23, 2011  5:00 PM

Lots of IT Job Growth Despite Fewer IT Jobs

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
accounting, analyst, cross-training, data, education, employment, engineering, experience, hybrid, IT, jobs, marketing, programmer

How can this be? Simple, according to David Foote, CEO of respected IT research firm Foote Partners, LLC: most of the new "IT jobs" don't carry IT titles. They're jobs with titles like "accounting analyst" or "research journalist." In April, 2011, Foote...

May 9, 2011  8:08 AM

“I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help You Find a Job in Health Care IT”

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
CalHIPSO, California, clinic, computers, doctors, education, employment, government, health, hiring, HIT, hospital, implementation, information, IT, jobs, technical support, technology, trainer, training, workforce

This may sound like a joke, but in this case it's not. California now has a state agency that helps people like you find jobs in the


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