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July 16, 2012  1:34 PM

Is Windows Phone App Development Worthwhile?

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
Android, app, Apple, application, cellular, client, communication, CTO, developer, developers, Google, iOS, iPad, smartphone, smartphones, Windows

Let's say you are (or want to be) a mobile app developer. Naturally, you'll want your apps to run on both Android and iOS, since these are the major players in the smartphone marketplace. But what about Windows Phones? For many years we've been in the habit of considering Windows the Big Dog of...

May 24, 2012  7:46 AM

You’ve Closed All Your External Security Holes, but What About Your Bosses?

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
app, baddies, CEO, CFO, CTO, executives, fake, identity theft, insecurity, IT, malware, phishing, smartphone, spear-phishing, spoof, threat

You've Closed Your IT Security Holes, but What About Your Bosses? Here you are, Mr. or Ms. Totally Skilled IT Security Honcho, detecting intrusions before they happen and using cloud-based digital antibiotics to eliminate Windows funguses before they infect your systems, but you still have...


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