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April 16, 2012  2:07 PM

Report Says IT Worker Confidence is at the Highest Level on Record

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
Brazil, business, China, confidence, Germany, index, India, IT workers, optimism, Randstad, report, U.S.

Even if you're on a low-salt diet, you might want to take this much optimism with a grain or two. There's even an optimistic chart, which you can see by reading the (PDF) report itself. But

December 30, 2011  7:14 AM

Have a Classy 2012 by Learning to Keep Books

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
accounting, business, entrepreneur, Hybrid IT, IT, office

I've written before about the growth of Hybrid IT job titles. And If you're reading this article, you are more likely to be employed in some sort of IT role than in a...

October 31, 2011  12:36 PM

Go For It! – a Book Review

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
business, client, sales, self-employment, startup

I have never reviewed a book here before. And this is a book by an insurance salesman, about sales, so why am I reviewing it? Because sales is a necessary part of starting and running any business, and in IT the best way to get ahead is often through self-employment.

June 15, 2011  5:13 PM

Biznik is a Cool Networking Alternative to LinkedIn

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
B2B, Biznik, business, consulting, entrepreneur, F2F, LinkedIn, local, together, work

I've gotten work through LinkedIn. So have many of my friends. But there's another site that's become at least as valuable as LinkedIn to small entrepreneurs: Biznik.

May 11, 2011  6:31 AM

Before You Start Your Own Business, Watch This Video

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
business, consultant, consulting, IT, sales, self-employed, skills

You may be a great programmer and administrator, and you might even know how to fix just about any hardware problem, but operating your own business is at least as much about sales, collections, and negotiations as it is about what you actually do to earn your living. This video is funny,...

April 19, 2011  4:39 PM

Promotion or Job Change: Which is the Best Way to Advance in IT?

Posted by: Robin "Roblimo" Miller
advance, business, career, communications, consulting, earnings, IBM, IT, jobs, leadership, management, meetings, money, technical knowledge, Toastmasters

I've had a couple of management consultants tell me that if you want to move into management, it's better to change jobs or change where you work within your current company than to stay where you are. What if you have to fire one of your old friends? Not cool. Or are you better off starting your...


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