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January 20, 2012  5:22 PM

iBooks textbooks for iPad: A load off kids’ backs and onto IT’s

Posted by: Alex Barrett
Apple, Google, iPad

As a mother, news of Apple's iBooks textbooks for iPad is a weight off my shoulders -- and my kid's. My son is in middle school, and while a lot has changed since I was in eighth grade, one thing I can relate to is...

November 29, 2011  3:10 PM

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion: RIM knows it’s in trouble

Posted by: Colin Steele
Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Google, iOS, iPad, iPhone, mobile device management, Research in Motion

Diversify, diversify, diversify! It's common advice in the investment world, especially when the economy's not looking so rosy. The theory is, if you hold stakes in lots of different kinds of companies, the failure of one company (or even a whole industry) won't sink your entire portfolio. For...

October 21, 2011  12:35 PM

Early iPhone 4S sales top 4 million: News in brief

Posted by: Colin Steele
Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Google, iCloud, iOS, iPad, iPhone, mobile device security, Motorola, Research in Motion, Samsung, Verizon Wireless

By Julia Anderson and Colin Steele, Editors Apple sold more than 4 million iPhone 4S devices in the three days after its launch, the company reported....

October 20, 2011  7:42 AM

VMware mobile virtualization arrives, but with baggage

Posted by: Colin Steele
Android, Apple, BYOD, mobile virtualization, Samsung, Verizon Wireless, VMware, Windows Phone 7

VMware is finally bringing mobile virtualization to market, but it’s far from a slam-dunk solution to bring-your-own-device problems. The

October 13, 2011  3:31 PM

BYOD: It’s about voice, too

Posted by: Colin Steele
Android, Apple, AT&T, BlackBerry, BYOD, desktop virtualization, iPad, iPhone, mobile virtualization, ShoreTel, unified communications, Verizon Wireless, VMware

As the bring-your-own device phenomenon grows, so do the options for separating personal and business communications on the same device. TelephoneDesktop virtualization...

October 13, 2011  9:24 AM

BlackBerry outage brings global disruption: News in brief

Posted by: Colin Steele
Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Box.net, Citrix, Dropbox, Google, iCloud, iPad, iPhone, Microsoft, Research in Motion, VMware

A massive BlackBerry outage has left users with limited email and messaging services for much of this week. The BlackBerry outage began Monday for users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and it spread to North America on Wednesday. Research in Motion (RIM) has blamed the BlackBerry outage...

October 7, 2011  12:06 PM

Interop reporter’s notebook

Posted by: Colin Steele
Amazon, Android, Apple, BYOD, mobile device management, mobile device security

NEW YORK -- Some interesting tidbits picked up while covering the consumerization of IT at Interop this week:

  • From Chris Hazelton, research director with the 451 Group: It took 20 years to sell the first 100 million PCs. It took six years to sell the first 100 million smartphones. It...

October 6, 2011  9:26 AM

Interop pays tribute to Steve Jobs

Posted by: Colin Steele
Amazon, Apple, Steve Jobs

NEW YORK -- This morning's Interop keynote began with a tribute to Apple's Steve Jobs, who passed away last night after battling cancer.

October 5, 2011  1:42 PM

BlackBerry vs. Microsoft: Who will survive?

Posted by: Colin Steele
Android, Apple, BlackBerry, Google, iPad, iPhone, Microsoft, Research in Motion, Windows Phone 7

NEW YORK -- There's room for a third vendor to succeed alongside Apple and Google in the mobile OS market. Who that vendor will be -- Microsoft or RIM -- is up for debate.

September 21, 2011  9:39 AM

iPhone 5 launch date Oct. 4, report says

Posted by: Colin Steele
Apple, AT&T, iPhone 5, Sprint, Verizon Wireless

The iPhone 5 launch date will be Oct. 4, according to AllThingsD. The report on the iPhone 5 launch date cites "sources close to the situation" as saying that Apple will hold its "next big...

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